Spring ray of sunshine

We have had the most amazing weather over the last few days and the daffodils are starting to come out in the garden which is lovely. It is so heartening to see the bright splashes of colour after all the grey and drab days of winter. Soon there will be more flowers and the days will get warmer and longer and then it is the downward ride towards Christmas and summer.
We have had some more earthquakes but I haven’t felt them, but I know a lot of people are getting quite nervous. We certainly are getting an idea of what the people in Christchurch have been through in the last 3 years.
I hope this photo cheers everyone up and helps them get through the week.
Happy snapping.


5 thoughts on “Spring ray of sunshine

  1. The colour is lovely Patricia, so vivid! Well you’ve got spring to look forward to & were approaching autumn now. We seem to have very short summers now, although the last couple of weeks have been unbearable in the heat – so happy for it to get cooler. Were never happy are we lol x

    1. Thank you Amanda. It is so great to see the spring flowers blooming. But you have the lovely autumn colours to look forward too as well. Each season has a beauty of their own, but I can certainly relate to the heat being unbearable. At least we know it doesn’t last forever.

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