Tears of Spring

We have had a torrid time of it lately with severe storms and just recently an earthquake on Sunday night. Fortunately, we have been very lucky but it has been a wake up call to remind us that we are living in the Shaky Isles.
However, yesterday I noticed that the daffodils are starting to come and heralding the onset of spring. We still have another month to go before we are officially in spring but it is heartening to see the signs of the seasons changing and that we are heading towards better weather.
I think this jonquil is called Early Cheer and it certainly does cheer us up with their colour and scent.
I hope you all have a great day.
Happy snapping


8 thoughts on “Tears of Spring

  1. Gorgeous photo. Isn’t Mother Nature strange… frightening us with her ways one day… showing us beauty another. Keep safe in those aftershocks.

    1. Thank you Susan. I try to show the positive in all the negative events that are happening. Hardly feeling the aftershocks but I am aware of what happened in Christchurch. It has been great to get the support from Christchurch people too. You keep safe as well.

  2. Nancy L.

    I was looking through your blog this morning! Lovely work! Your photo skills are amazing too! Have a great day!

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