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In this page I will be putting my special photos to document my progress in photography.  I like to look at the effect of sunlight on the flowers and how it can enhance the vibrant colours of the flowers and also create different shadows to create an atmosphere to the image.  I also love the challenge of trying to get bees on my flowers.  For all my photos please feel free to visit my photo stream on Flickr.

9 May 2013

Here are some of my latest photos:

Azalea Begonia Blowing bubbles Dahlia Daisy Daisy Gazinia bud Geraniums Geraniums Hoverfly on Paris daisy Hoverfly Ice plant Rain drops on snapdragons Raindrops on geraniums


8 April 2013

The other day I was lucky enough to watch and photograph a lovely magnolia opening up and here is the series of photographs that I took.

Magnolia Magnolia Magnolia Magnolia Magnolia Magnolia

20 March 2013

Today wasn’t such a good day for photography.  Here are a few of the ones that I liked.

Water droplets om White Bower vine flower Rain drop on rose Sunlit leaf Dandelion seed head Spent dandelion seed head

18 March 2013

Today I managed to get outside to take some photos in between the showers.  The low sun levels was compensated by the chance to take photos of rain drops on the plants.  I am quite happy with these images.

Snapdragon Cinerarias Flower seed heads Gazinia Spent dandelion seed head Spent dandelion seed head

12 March 2013

I had a lovely afternoon outside with my camera and ended up with some decent photographs.  Here are a few of my efforts.

Bee on Paris Daisy Bee on Paris Daisy Bee on Paris Daisy Bee on Paris DaiyDSCF4475 Bee on snapdragon flower Bee on snapdragon Dandelion seedhead Gazinia Gazinia Gazinia

9 March 2013

I have not had a camera for a month as it was getting fixed because some of the pixels had died.  So I have been reacquainting myself with it and have decided that I will be going out everyday and take photos to improve my skills.  My goal this year is to learn to go manual so I can achieve more with the camera.  Here are a few of my shots today.

Dandelion seedhead PansyDandelion seedhead

18 January 2012

Yesterday we had a thunderstorm and in between the rain, thunder and lightning I took the opportunity to get out in my garden to take some photos of my flowers.  Here are some of my efforts:

Rain drenched leaves Rain drenched rose Rain drenched rose Rain drenched rose Rain drenched rose Rain drenched rose Rain drenched rose Rain drenched rose Rain drenched rose Rain drenched rose

I do apologise for the abundance of roses, but they are my favourite flowers and I do seem to have an affinity to roses and take my best photos with roses as my subject.  I am aiming to work on building up a different range of flowers in my garden.


13 January 2012

I recently went to the Lady Norwood Rose Gardens and took some lovely photos of the roses, begonias and other flowers there.  The day was very sunny and I went early to get the right angle of the sun on the flowers.  I am very pleased with how some of them turned out.  Bee on Cosmos Bee on Cosmos Hamilton Gardens Rose Sexy Rexy Rose Sheila's Perfume Rose Bee on Cosmos Cosmos Pink roses with a bee Pink roses Sylvia Bee on unknown flower Begonia Flower - unsure Interesting leaves Playboy Tropical flower in Begonia House Water lily

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  1. Lovely photos Patricia … you have some really nice macro work in this collection. Flowers, sunlight and water – you just can’t go wrong. Being an enthusiast photograper and gardener, I tend to take lots of plant, insects photos. Have you used a macro lens? Sorry, I ramble! Lovely photos!!

    1. Thank you Noni. I have a bridge camera – Fugifilm xs1. This has a good macro function on it. Haven’t take much lately as problems with eyesight. I am very impressed with your photography. Happy snapping

  2. marion wilkes

    just had a look at your photographs wonderfull work there, so nice for us all to see your work,
    keep up the good work. marion.

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