Month: April 2013

Pretty in Pink

Pretty in Pink, a photo by Patricia Manhire on Flickr. My photo of the day. I was really pleased at how this photo has turned out. There had been quite a bit of rain the night before and there were lots of raindrops on… Continue Reading “Pretty in Pink”

Reflections of a Day in the Sun

Hi there I am loving the Border Maker system for my scrapbooking and have had this idea brewing in my head since buying the Rustic Fence cartridge, and despite my working on my son’s album, I just had to get this out onto a… Continue Reading “Reflections of a Day in the Sun”

Autumn colours

Autumn colours, a photo by Patricia Manhire on Flickr. Autumn is definitely making it’s presence felt here and the colours are just stunning. The other day I went out early before breakfast with my camera to try and get some good shots of the… Continue Reading “Autumn colours”

Slipsliding in the rain

Slipsliding in the rain, a photo by Patricia Manhire on Flickr. I have been invited to upload this photo to a website called which is a website for sharing images and other media content to enter competitions. If you like my photo please… Continue Reading “Slipsliding in the rain”

More fun Rugged Baby layout

Welcome back. As I promised here is the other half of the fun layout I did the other day.  All I have done is invert what I had done in the previous page.             And here is the double… Continue Reading “More fun Rugged Baby layout”

Anzac Day – a time for Remembrance

Welcome Today is Anzac Day.  A time to remember all the soldiers that have served our country from World War 1 to today.  (Please see related articles below which gives a much better account of the origins of Anzac Day than what I could… Continue Reading “Anzac Day – a time for Remembrance”

Bee on snapdragon_0004.jpg

Bee on snapdragon_0004.jpg, a photo by Patricia Manhire on Flickr. Autumn is here and there is not many flowers left in my garden. The snapdragons are starting to look a little bedraggled, but they are still inviting the insects to collect the pollen.  The… Continue Reading “Bee on snapdragon_0004.jpg”

Fun Rugged Scrapbook layout

Welcome back. With all that has been happening in the world recently (including another devastating earthquake in China) I have been reminded off how important it is to document and keep meaningful keepsakes of all our family and friends.  I will always remember after… Continue Reading “Fun Rugged Scrapbook layout”

Dancing ballerinas

  Dancing ballerinas, a photo by Patricia Manhire on Flickr.   A photo to cheer people up. What a relief that the suspects have been caught in Boston. I can’t imagine how difficult it has been for the people in Boston to have to… Continue Reading “Dancing ballerinas”

Raindrops on geraniums.jpg

Raindrops on geraniums.jpg, a photo by Patricia Manhire on Flickr. Another tragedy in the United States. My thoughts go out to all the people affected by this latest event in West, Texas. At times like these it makes me realise how important it is… Continue Reading “Raindrops on geraniums.jpg”

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