Rain drops on snapdragons.jpg

We have finally had some rain and the water restrictions have lifted thank goodness. I love going out after the rain and taking photos of rain drops. Rain drops are like nature’s diamonds and just glow in the light. This was one of my favourite photos from last week and I love the colours and how there is depth with the flowers.
Have a good day.

7 thoughts on “Rain drops on snapdragons.jpg

    1. Thank you Amanda. Yes it is certainly cooling down here and it is a shock to the system to have too wear winter woollies. I hope that the weather your way is improving and getting warmer. Have a great day.

  1. Its been lovely here today, very sunny and quite warm. Were at the coast for a few days and you wouldn’t believe now that the last few weeks its just been snow. Winter to spring in one week…so strange! x

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