Tag: Butterflies

Enchanted digital sketch

  Sometimes I need a little inspiration for my scrapbooking whether it be traditional or digital.  So some clever people have come up with scrapbook layout sketches that make it so easy to get great results.   One of these very clever and smart… Continue Reading “Enchanted digital sketch”

Monarch butterfly on snapdragon_0002.jpg

  Monarch butterfly on snapdragon_0002.jpg, a photo by Patricia Manhire on Flickr.   My photo of the day. I had just come home after getting some photos printed for a camera club competition when I saw this monarch butterfly outside. I rushed inside to… Continue Reading “Monarch butterfly on snapdragon_0002.jpg”

White Butterfly on Paris Daisy_0002.jpg

White Butterfly on Paris Daisy_0002.jpg, a photo by Patricia Manhire on Flickr. This is the first time I have managed to capture a butterfly. The weather has cooled considerably and the butterflies were slow and lethargic which helped a lot. Patricia  

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