Introducing the Amazing Paper Grace | Stained Glass Bouquet

It’s a miracle that little painted shards of glass can come together to create such beauty!!  The intriguing lure of Stained Glass has inspired artisans from around the world to try their hand at shuffling colors and shuffling shards of glass to create something lovely to gaze upon.  Today we are introducing the newest Amazing Paper Grace collection called Stained Glass Floral Bouquet, created for Spellbinders.

Dies for my creations today were supplied by Amazing Paper Grace.

Stained Glass Floral Bouquet Inspiration

Becca says that the inspiration for the collection came from her love of stained glass and never being able to muster the time to do it with real glass.  Who says you can’t have your cake and eat it too?  Now it’s easy to create with paper!  It’s amazing how you can give the same outline to a hand full of different artists and each will come up with a totally different look.

Stained Glass Floral Bouquet Collection

The Stained Glass Bouquet Collection is made up of 7 different die sets.  They are sized for layering and include small designs all the way up to A7 designs with different frames that can make both A2 and A7 designs.  The collection boasts shadow dies for each set so that whenever you don’t want a multicolor design, you can layer your “die-cut leading” onto one color.  The hallmark of the collection is a sweet stained glass flower and shadow in almost every set.  That gives you a background die and a central motif for each set.  

Attention “technique junkies” this collection is sweetly serenading you to try your favorite technique with the leading and the shards. 

     Here are ours:

  1. Fill each opening with a different color paper and add Glossy Accent.
  2. Ink on a hombre background before resetting your shards.
  3. A smidge of color in each opening with a Copic Marker.
  4. A different color leading – white, black, gold, silver.
  5. Build up tall leading with 4 layers and adhesive in between each.

My Projects for Today

Today I am using the Amazing Paper Grace Tulip Trio Etched Dies from Stained Glass Bouquet Collection by Becca Feeken set to create a birthday card with coordinating box.

For both the card and box I have created the stained glass effect by gluing the outer frame of the images onto acetate. I have then coloured the back of the images with alcohol markers. I then added glitter on the front of the image with some wet glue and this helped to hide the streaks of the alcohol markers. To finish the stained glass effect I have die cut the gold frame and then adhered to the front.

Designers Tip:

I found that it was really important to die cut the base before adding the different shards.

Stained Glass Floral Bouquet Availability:

These dies and plates are available from Spellbinders right now! Click here: Stained Glass Floral Bouquet Collection.

Stained Glass Floral Bouquet Collection Blog Hop!

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Becca Feeken at Amazing Paper Grace


You could win an Amazing Paper Grace Die of the Month! Enter to win on our new Instagram Account All of the entry details are there, look for this image below:

I love your comments!  Tell me, which technique do you really want to try?

Happy Crafting

Ka Kite Anu


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  2. Hi Patricia! I believe your glitter technique is my very favorite! I keep coming back and looking at these projects as they are truly gorgeous and have so much visual appeal! Fabulous work! Tara

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