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Hi crafty friends!  It seems like we have been waiting for months for February to roll around.  We have been working in the background, holding our breath, tapping our feet and waiting on tippie toes to show you a new collection!  Ta-dah!!!  Today we are introducing a new Amazing Paper Grace Collection called Make A Scene!!!  It was designed by Becca Feeken and is available at Spellbinders.  Stay tuned for a video link at the bottom of the post. NOW, TO EXPLAIN THIS TO YOU . . . In the past, Becca has created several interactive collections . . remember 3D Vignettes and remember Shadowbox Vignettes?  One of the things Becca does, is she tries to create a new twist on interactive that you can also use with flat cards and with past collections. That means new material for your old material. 

WHAT IS MAKE A SCENE? Make A Scene is an interactive card collection and a flat card collection, all in one – you choose based on your style.  The interactive portion is made with a card base that folds in six different layered scenery options.  The 3D card base folds flat but slides open to reveal a dimensional scene.  Since it has a 3D profile, the opened card makes quite a splash and can be set out on a desk for showing off.  The card base is huge and it offers you the chance to snag one of six scenes that cover many occasions.  If the six scenes are not your occasion du jour, then by all means dive into your huge stash of dies and insert your own contents.  The flat card portion is made with the individual scenes.  Each of the components for the scenes can be cut onto the top of a panel and used on a flat card or as part of a 3D Vignette or as part of a shadowbox scene. Today we are prepared to show you – each Creative Team Member has created both a 3D Card and a Flat Card so that you can see the best of both worlds! 

My Projects for Today

I’m using S6-165 Make a Scene Card Base and S5-444 Perfect Picture Window Scene

For my 3D Get Well card I wanted to create a sense of spring with all the flowers around the window and window box. The daffodils are blooming in the window box and there are blossoms over the window and in the background and on the window box. Sending a hug is coming soon as well as some get well wishes.

I have created this Special Day card using the window and window box with a raised frame to create some depth for a shadow box effect. The cascading flowers and tulips are so cheerful for any special occasion.

Designers Tip:

I found you cannot have a lot of bulk out wide in the front two layers as the layers will not slide through the side slots easily.

How to Assemble:

When you see the card base it will make total sense how this goes together.  Here is a quick start video to lay it all out for you.

Make A Scene Availability:

These dies and plates are available from Spellbinders right now! Click here:  Make A Scene

Make A Scene Collection Blog Hop!

Click on the links to each member, they’re waiting to inspire you to create something beautiful:

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