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My photo of the day.

Today was a good day to get outside and take photos as the day was a little overcast, but not a lot so there was a very soft light which is lot easier to adjust settings for. I used the Aperture setting and set my ISO for 200 and my f stop to 5.6 and zoomed into this flower. Since I have gone into Aperture setting I have found that there is a intelligent digital zoom which gets me much better macro photos. I have also discovered in previous sessions to set the ratio to 1:1 for macro photography which has helped a lot as well.
The hoverfly was very obliging and stayed reasonably still for me and this photograph is as it was shot in camera which makes it even more special. I try not to do too much editing as I am more of a purist photographer, but I have seen some amazing artwork from other photographers on Flickr.
I hope this bright and colourful photograph brings a ray of sunshine to those who are just coming out of a cold winter. For you summer is just around the corner.  We are heading into autumn and winter so I am making the most of my opportunities.
Have a great day.

2 thoughts on “Hoverfly on Paris daisy_0003.jpg

  1. Thanks for the cheery pic 🙂 Sounds like the fly was easier to catch than your cat lol. The process of taking these shots seem quite complicated though, I only tend to use my iPhone lol. Well done Patricia x

    1. Thank you Amanda. Yes the fly was easier to catch than the cat as it is getting cooler here. Actually you are doing well photographing your lovely furniture with your iPhone. I have an older Samsung and the photos are not such good quality. You have a great day. Cheers

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