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Another bee on a flower photo. I know this is getting a bit boring but I just can’t help myself when I see a bee flying about my flowers. Plus I had the bonus of some raindrops on the snapdragon.
I hope you are enjoying all my flowers and that they bring some sunshine to your day.
Have a good day


Hoverfly on Paris Daisy.jpg

Another one of my favourite photos from today’s photography session. It has been hard to decide which is the best one.

I have been informed that the insect is a hoverfly and not a bee.  I think I need to brush up on my insects lol


Hoverfly on a Paris Daisy

Today I have been outside in the bright sunshine taking photos. I still have a few Paris Daisies in the garden and the bees were very busy collecting pollen. It is a real challenge being fast enough to get good photos and this was one of the best I took. I am pleased with how it turned out. I love the contrast with the bright yellow flower and the subdued dark background. Forever a taste of a late summer in New Zealand.
Happy Snapping

I have been informed on Flickr that the insect is a Hoverfly not a bee.



Digital Creations

Please check out my latest creations using my StoryBook Creator 4.0 under Digital Creations.  I have put the instructions on this page for your information.  I really enjoy using this software and find it very easy and flexible to create the most amazing layouts.  I also find that the kits give me good inspiration for my own traditional scrapbooking.

Busy Bees Sox on Guard