Organising photographs with the help of the Power Sort Boxes

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I have been very busy organising all my son’s photos from when he was first born to the present day (23 + years to be precise – but better late than never).  It has been a very long process as you can imagine, but so important to do this prior to placing them in his album.  It makes it a lot easier to then sort out the photos to put on layouts in a chronological order that makes sense, as then we can see him growing up before our eyes in his photo record.  This is what scrapbooking or memory keeping is all about – recording our memories in a meaningful way that makes sense. The embellishments and decorations are a creative way of recording our memories so that it enhances what the photos are telling us.

The power sort boxes are great, especially with the little compartments taking 250 photos each.  I had another cheap box from the Warehouse, but found as I went through photos it was harder to keep the remaining photos neat and tidy in the box.  Plus when you drop the box the photos become disorganised again so you have to reorganise your photos again.  Not a job I like to do twice!  I like the elastic hoops on the sides to keep the lid on the box securely so you don’t have to start again if you drop the box.  Also, I can take the small compartments out with me when I go to Scrapbook Corner and other workshops.  I find using the dividers great as well to divide up the different years and events.  And they are reusable.

Power Sort Box Medium - each

If you would like further information about the Power Sort Boxes please feel free to contact me.

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