Classic Rose Tutorial

Kia Ora Koutou

Welcome back to a special tutorial for Heartfelt Creations featuring the fabulous Classic Rose stamp, die and mold die set.

Making roses is so easy with the coordinating 3D flower shaping molds.  The molds allow for consistent shaping and this tutorial will show you the step by step instructions to create different size roses to decorate your cards.



Step 1:

Stamp the flowers with Magenta Hue ink on Deluxe Flower Shaping Paper.  Colour the flowers in the centres with Tiger Lily ink and the petals with Magenta Hue ink and die cut with the coordinating die.

Colour the edges of the petals with Cactus Flower ink and the backs of the smaller petals with Magenta Hue ink.


Stamp the leaves with Library Green ink on Deluxe Flower Shaping Paper.  Colour with Vivid Chartreuse and Magenta Hue inks and die cut with the coordinating die.



Step 2:

Place the petals and the leaves in the coordinating mold.  Spritz lightly on the back with some water and then run through your die cutting machine.





Step 3

To create the bud take the smallest petal and add Dries Clear glue to two opposing petals and join together.  When dry add the other three petals.  This can be used as a small bud as well as for the centre of the larger flowers.


Step 4


Shape the next size up petal with the stamped image on the outside and then add the small bud to the centre with Dries Clear glue.  This also makes a good bud to go with the bigger flowers and also rose centres.

Step 5



For the largest flower use three largest petals, one of each of the next sizes.  Assemble the three largest petals offsetting the petals each time.  Use two foam mats to get a deeper impression when assembling the flower.   Take the largest size of the smallest stamp set and shape into a bowl with the stamped side on the outside.  Add your previously made bud and add to the centre of this petal with Dries Clear glue.  Add this to the centre of the larger petals.

Step 6

For the second largest size flower use three of the smaller petals from the larger stamp set and one each of the other sizes.  Assemble the two layer bud as before.  Assemble the three larger petals offsetting each time as with the larger flower.  Add the largest petal from the smaller stamp set and adhere to the centre of the flower with the stamped side up.  Add the bud to the centre of the flower as shown.

Step 7

For the third sized flower take two of the largest size petals from the smaller stamp set and one each of the other sizes from the same stamp set.  Make a double petal bud as per previous instructions.  Assemble the two larger petals offsetting the petals and making a deep bowl.  Add the bud to the centre of the flower.

Step 8

For the smallest flower make a single petal bud.  Take two of the middle sized petals from the smaller stamp set and assemble together offsetting the petals and creating a bowl shape.  Add the bud with Dries Clear glue and leave to dry.

Step 9

To finish the flowers add Crystal Clear glitter using Dries Clear glue on a damp Hydra sponge.



Heartfelt Creations supplies:

HCPC-3752 Classic Rose Stamp

HCD1-7110 Classic Rose Die

HCFB1-462 3D Rose Shaping Mold

RACP614 Magenta Hue ink

RACP531 Vivid Chartreuse ink

RACP475 Library Green ink

HCPP1-475 Deluxe Flower Shaping Paper (50)

HCST1-401 Deluxe Flower Shaping Kit

PGM15015 Crystal Clear glitter

159723 Dries Clear Glue

352854 Metal Tip for Adhesive Bottles

35854 Hydra Sponge

HCDA2-450 Stack and Store Daubers

Other Supplies:

White cardstock


Allow the flowers to dry after removing from the mold.

Allow the flowers to fully dry after assembling them before adding glitter.

I hope I have inspired you to create some gorgeous roses for your own projects.

Happy Crafting

Ka Kite Anu