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Hi there. I just want to reassure people that at this stage it is still business as usual for Creative Memories.  There are still products available for sale and you can still order story books from Creative Memories to print.  I went onto Trade Me yesterday and the bidding for some products have gone crazy.   I gather Ebay in Australia has also had some crazy prices as well.  A Creative Memories colleague in Australia has written a really good post about using Trade Me and Ebay to buy CM products – please check out this link:  She puts it so much better than what I could.  You can buy these products through online auctions but you end up paying huge amounts and to me it is tantamount to scalping tickets to concerts etc.  I would urge people to wait and see if there are any solutions to this situation and save your money.  It is not worth spending hundreds of dollars on products that are only worth a fraction of that.

Also, my website is still functioning so please check it out and see what is still available.  There must have been a glitch yesterday when I tried it out but it will remain up until further notice.

So hang in there and be positive and keep scrapping. Patricia

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5 thoughts on “Creative Memories News

  1. Rosemary

    I am a consultant in the USA. I have had a few CMC’s from Australia and New Zealand ask me to ship pages to them. I am selling them at consultant cost plus the shipping. I hope this is allowed.
    Let me know if you know anything about this. Shipping high but it still comes out to less than 29.00 per pack.

    1. Thank you very much for your kind offer Rosemary. Unfortunately, I am unable to take up this kind offer of wholesale products as I do not want you to violate your consultants agreement and get into trouble. However, I will keep you in mind if I am able to buy retail off you at some stage in the future. Creative Memories albums, pages and protectors are certainly the best in the market and it will be very difficult using other products after this.
      You have a good day and once again thank you for your offer.

      1. Rosemary

        Thanks for letting me know. I do not want to violate any CM policies. Consultants within the US do this kind of transaction all the time. We have an ISO link on the CMC network. I guess it does not go for consultants outside of the United States. I have been searching the CMC network for an answer to this question. I will continue to investigate. Thanks again for your advice. Good luck to all of you down under!

      2. Thank you so much for your support Rosemary. I think this illustrates how special Creative Memories Consultants are and how they support each other so well. We have had some positive progress here so hopefully we can get a good outcome for all of us. You have a great day.

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