Autumn colours

Autumn is definitely making it’s presence felt here and the colours are just stunning. The other day I went out early before breakfast with my camera to try and get some good shots of the Hutt River in the early morning. But I did not time it too well as I didn’t take into account the end of daylight saving. So I walked down to the park and took some great photos of flowers and leaves – I will try and post some at a later date. The night before it had rained quite heavily so I had lots of nice juicy raindrops on the flowers.
I love the colours in this photo and the way the green leaf with the rain drops is sharp in the middle of the mix of Autumn colours.
I think this reminds us that there is beauty in all aspects of nature.  I will try and remember that when we are in the middle of a southerly storm!
I hope you all have a good day.

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  1. Hi! As always, I love your photos. It feels a bit strange to know that you’re going through autumn while we’re just starting spring!

    • Thank you. We have had a long dry summer so it is rather refreshing to head into Autumn. You have a great day and enjoy your spring – always my favourite time of the year.

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